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Knowledge Introduction of Metal stamping:
With punch press, metal stamping is the process that makes metalsheet transformed into parts with expected size and form.Stamping is cold deformation of metal. Sometimes, it is named as cold Stamping or metalsheet stamping.

Metal stampings and castings, forgings, compared with the thin, uniform, light, strong features. Metal stamping parts stamping system of the other methods can be difficult to manufacture with the ribs, rib, rolling or burring of the workpiece to improve its rigidity. As the use of precision molds, precision parts up to micron level, and high repetition accuracy, size consistent, you can punch a hole hole, boss, etc..

Stamping, compare to other machining ways, it has quite a few advantages:
1.Metal stamping parts stamping is a highly efficient production methods of the composite model, in particular multi-station progressive die can be completed on a multi-Road stamping press process to achieve with materials from the open-book, flattening, punching to forming, fine full automatic production. High efficiency, good working conditions, low production costs, generally produce several hundred per minute.
2.Higher Precsion and stable quality, toolings ensures precision of size and form of the products,and it can be used for quite a long time, which ensures the stable size and form of products.
3.Stamping can handle parts with more complicated form, from clock parts to longeron of trucks.
4.Stamped parts has very good strength and rigidity.
5.Metal Stamping use less materials, because there is no waste trimmings produced.
6.Enviroment friendly production process, stamping is a cold process, without heating.

Metal Stamping parts which are widely used in all areas of our lives, including some electronics, auto parts, decorative materials and so on. 80% parts in a wrest watch are stamped parts, Tv set, handy camera 90%.

But one tooling only for one product, sometime, a product needs quite a few sets of tooling, stample tooling requires precision, and technology.

There were setbacks and shortcoming for metal stamping, mainly noise. Nowdays, modern equipment has improved greatly and solving thes problems gracefully.

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